3 Lessons UFC Teaches an Entrepreneur

As a long time fan of the UFC/Mixed Martial Arts, many people ask me how I can enjoy such a violent sport. Ironic these are the same people who watch American Football every Sunday and see 300 pound athletes crash, tackle, and hit each other for 3 hours.

Sure, UFC has the vicious knockouts, bloody faces, and the rare broken limb. But the passion and dedication of a UFC fighter is amazing: training daily, practicing techniques, learning new strategies, and developing a plan for each opponent is similar to successful entrepreneurs and business people.

1) No Pain - No Gain. There isn't an athlete in the world who hasn't heard this phrase throughout their life. UFC athletes can train up to 6 months for a single match which lasts no longer than 15 minutes. Think about the focus, dedication, and passion to train that long for an opportunity that lasts only 900 seconds.

How much time do you prepare for a sales call to close a deal?

How much research and planning strategy do you personally perform prior to launching your business?

2) When You Lose, Pick Yourself Up - Push Forward Again. Some UFC fights last only 10 seconds because a fighter gets knocked out. Think about it - train for 6 months for a single fight and the match is over in a blink of an eye. Then back to the gym and start the process again.

How many times have you worked on a big deal for months and months only to lose it?

I have experienced it and it sucks BIG TIME! But I do let myself feel depressed for a moment but then force a smile back on my face and pursue the next deal. Launching a new venture is hard work and there are many challenges, hardships, and crap to deal with regardless of how much you planned.

Remember - stay positive and continue the course. And one deal does not make a company or sales career.

3) Enjoy Success Because Your Next Challenge is Already Here. Many UFC fighters never become the champion or even recognized as a top 10 fighter in the world. But the few who work tirelessly to make it to become the champion know their achievement can disappear with a single punch. Gone and could take years to ever achieve again.

Always know that success (or even failure) in business is cyclical. Win a big deal, lose a big deal, win a few small deals, then lose a bunch more.

Keep your eye on your goal, be optimistic and work tirelessly everyday, and know you will eventually become a champion.

Cherish the moment but know your hard work and dedication is required daily.

As a global entrepreneur currently living in India and USA, Alen Paule shares his experiences and observations launching businesses in various countries.

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