Becoming an Entrepreneur – Getting Started

Becoming an Entrepreneur is hands down THE best way that I know for you to regain control of your own financial future. You may not realize it now, but becoming an Entrepreneur is much easier than most people have been lead to believe, and I want to show you how you can join the party.

The economy is experiencing uncertain times, you have only got to look at a newspaper or watch the TV News to know this, and it seems that no industry is immune from cutbacks, downsizing and the almost inevitable redundancies that go with them.

My story began when I was made redundant from a Job I had been doing for ten years. Unlike the majority of people who receive "The Letter", instead of being crestfallen, I was elated (seriously I was). You see for some time I had been wondering if there was more to life than getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning to go work a 10 hour shift. So when the time came, instead of being something to be feared, instead of worrying about where the next pay check was going to come from, I saw it as an opportunity to explore myself, and investigate life's possibilities.

Enough about me though, I want to share with you just a couple of the ways that you could become an Entrepreneur, and make money while making a difference to other people. You see, business these days is not just about making money, it's more about making a difference to people, namely your customers and clients. Value dear reader, is the modern currency of business.

When first starting out as an Entrepreneur, it is important that you chose a market (or topic) that you have a passion for. While it is true that you also need to have a degree of competency in your chosen field, that is something that can be improved, or even learned from scratch, whereas if you have no passion for what you do, everything you ever say, think or write about your field, will have a major lack of congruence about it and trust me, your customers WILL be able to feel it.

So here's how I recommend you go about choosing which field is a perfect match for you as an Entrepreneur.

Firstly begin by asking yourself which topics and subjects you are most passionate about. Then ask yourself what experience you have, and what results have you gotten in other areas of your life. The secret here is to list everything that comes to mind, however seemingly mundane, obvious or unrelated they may be.

Here's an example I use with my coaching clients.

You may have spent most of your twenties backpacking around South America, and still have a real passion for travel and researching new places and cultures. On the other hand, your work as an Accounts office manager has helped you to become really very adept at planning budgets for projects. As a hobby, you enjoy blogging.

These seemingly unrelated subjects could be merged together to form the basis of a Business. You could start a online business offering advice on travelling through South America. You could offer courses in planning travel budgets. You could combine your passions for travel, research, and Blogging, to become a freelance travel writer, or even review travel guides.

This is a very simple example but when you actually sit down and list your passions, experience, natural talent and results, there will always be a myriad opportunities for you to start a business as an Entrepreneur.

Andy Taylor is an experience Entrepreneur, Coach and Consultant based in England. Over the years Andy has worked with top UK brands to improve Business performance, increase Productivity and Build brands from scratch.

Through his new website Andy will be offering FREE advice to all would be Entrepreneurs, as well as Coaching and Consultancy services.

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