Work From Home – Steps To Success

Work from Home - Steps to Being Your Own Boss

Does your current job have you so frustrated you want to quit? Are you considering starting to work from home? If so then you have come to the right place!

Now, just to get in the right frame of mind, you don't have to hate anything about your current (or lack of) workplace... But if you do, that's OK too. The main goal then, Is to replace your current income and free yourself from having to be under the control of a "Boss." So you don't need to become a millionaire in order to get there. People have different needs, some being happy with $3,000 a month in income and some with $10,000 a month, and some others wanting $100,000. But, it is up to YOU as to what you want.

There are many different ways to get there and each person has their own style, thankfully! I can't begin to imagine another me, let alone a whole world full of me, no thanks. I'll go into that a little deeper in a little bit.

First though, think of your life as you want it, not where it is, but where you want it. Think of the things you want in your life. For example: I want to be my own boss and control my schedule. I want to go wakeboarding today and have a BBQ party at my house tonight. Tomorrow, go play golf and then out to lunch. I want to drive around in my Aston Martin. I want to donate enough money that I can supply water wells in Africa. These are things I want. They don't have to be what you want in any way, shape or form. It'll take about $5,000 per month to reach my "goals." So I have to generate $5,000 per month in order to reach that. How about you?

Now, you probably don't know me. I don't give advice unless asked. But, seeing as you are reading this, I'll take that as you asking for my advice, lol. So here are the steps to get to work from home.


  1. Pick Your Passion


This may actually take a while. But I want you to think about what makes you come alive? Is it cooking? Is it driving? Is it camping? How about collecting things? The main idea is that we want to figure out what makes you come alive and go do that.


  1. Pick your Goals


This falls in line with what we talked about earlier. Not all goals are money related, but you need money to fulfill most dreams. Take Mother Teresa, she took a vow of poverty but she had millions to give away. Simply add up what you need to make in a month to pay your bills. Now, figure out how much other things you want to add will cost (like a $500 per month car payment). If it is a trip, divide what the cost is by how many months away it is. Now that you have a monthly goal, divide that by 30 and you'll have a daily income. That is what you want to shoot for.


  1. Pick a Process


This is where the most frustrating part of learning to work from home takes place. One of my business partners told be once, "there are a million ways to make a million dollars." You may not have a million as a goal, but the saying is true none the less. Look into the numbers and figure out something that will be able to reach them easily.

For example; If I needed to get $5,000 per month; mowing 100 yards at $50 by yourself is a process. But, that involves a lot of work, physical labor, getting 100 clients. It could work, but then you give up your valuable time. The goal is time and money to do what you want.

Now, what if you sold 100 people something that costs $50. That starts to sound a little better right? But, then you have to be good at selling and some people don't know how to sell. It could take you a while to figure out what exactly to do and say.

But. What if you find something that has a master of sales doing all the talking for you. That sounds really good right? It is possible and there are things out there, you just need to do a little looking around.


  1. Pick your Mentor


After you pick the way you want to make your money, you need to find someone who has done what you want to do successfully. More than likely, there are people who have made money doing what you want to do. Look around and find one that fits your personality and you could get along with. They do not have to be a person you have access to. If you are looking to be an expert at real estate, someone to look at is Robert Kiyosaki.

Once you pick someone, DO WHAT THEY DID.

You don't want to complicate things. People who are successful typically follow a certain pattern. If something works, they use it. If something doesn't work, they don't. Many people have blazed trails, start following the trail and once you have hit your goals then you can decide to keep following or blaze your own path off that trail.

Now, while my own dreams may be different than yours, we are still following down the same path, Looking to gain more time freedom. The path I am following has been used by many others successfully; mine involves working for 2 hours each day and being able to LIVE my life. There are a few simple steps that I follow and want you to follow as well.

To help you on your path, I want to give you a free report on how you can make enough to start to work from home! That report alone has the foundations you need to turn your dreams into your lifestyle. But it doesn't stop there. With the free bonus reports, I will show you which steps to take in which order. These alone will save you over $10,000 because you are leverage the knowledge of others and what they paid to get it!!

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