You Love Your Business, But Does Your Business Love You Back?

Let's face it, most of us go into business for ourselves because we want freedom from a boss and stifling organizational structure so that we can create and serve in a way that fits our vision of what it means to use our talents and skills.

However, at some point, as entrepreneurs, we realize that we actually do need some structure in our business. We do need some form of accountability; a way to keep us on track and make sure we're fulfilling our mission while still having a life and making a profit.

In the early days of a start-up business, it's easy to run on passion and work around the clock. It can be invigorating, even addicting, to be the sole person responsible for the success and activity in and around your business. Energy and time are required to build your business. But when your business starts taking over and running your life, you've essentially become enslaved to it and that is, most definitely, not a love match.

For many, one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is handing over tasks that you may actually love doing, but that are no longer practical for you to do. If you find that you're not working predominately in your most revenue-generating skill set, then your business absolutely cannot love you back. Your business will not produce for you the revenue you deserve, the leisure time you desire, the fulfillment you crave, nor the ability to scale and grow if you are dissipating your energy in non-essential areas.

One of the most loving acts you can do for your business and yourself is to acknowledge your strengths and become aware of where your brilliance is absolutely necessary to the success of your business. Everything else can be outsourced. This may include hiring staff or even virtual assistants. This means coming to terms with giving up control of running every aspect of your business. Your relationship with your business must expand; it must be exposed to new ways of thinking and innovative ways of serving.

Consider your business. Are you working on tasks that you know could and should be handled by someone else? Are you working in your most revenue-producing skill set? Or put another way, are you working in your brilliance? If not, what steps can you lovingly take today to repair your relationship with your business? Set it free to thrive and watch it love you back.

Small business expert and income growth strategist Joy Gayler teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business with integrity while being of service and making a profit. To receive free weekly articles on money, marketing and mindset, visit

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