4 Communication Tips For The Entrepreneurial Entrepreneur

If you do not like to talk, are an introvert or just plain shy, you can still be an awesome entrepreneur. Studies show that almost half of the world's population are introverts.

Make your personality speak for you, find great employees who can talk for you, and let these employees run with your brilliant ideas, under your tutelage, of course. It is a proven fact that introverts present better team environments than their more extroverted partners.

Tips for Pubic Speaking for Introverts

    1. List your strengths. You may not like to talk, but your ideas and descriptions are very together and make better impressions. Introverts tend to study the long term picture. Research points to more neuronal activity in the brain linked to motor control in introverts. Introverts strategize and think through issues rather than speaking off the cuff. Introverts are known to be listeners. Listening distinguishes leaders from the rest of the pack. If you listen, you learn, gain respect and advance.
    1. You must communicate even if you feel sick and faint when in uncomfortable situations or speaking in front of a large crowd. Compensate for your weaknesses by learning tips and tricks for public speaking. Take classes and seminars on public speaking. The old saying, "pretend your audience is in their underwear" is silly, but visualization does work. You do not have to be the life of the party or even the funny man at the podium. Charisma is often overrated and knowledge and capability can rule. Even introverts can use personality to make a point.
    1. Utilize technology. The ability to use PowerPoint when making presentations is a great crutch for introverts. Speak at webinars where you do not need to look at anyone and use computer management systems to interact with people. Software can be your voice. Get your point across by using social media. Be the ghost writer behind the spoken word if it is more comfortable for you.
  1. Take a deep breath and dive in if you are required to make phone calls. It is difficult for an introvert to start a cold call conversation. You may need an intermediary to help with this situation. Find a time when you are feeling comfortable and energized. Be enthusiastic and don't panic.

You cannot develop a successful business without good social skills. Connecting with others is essential to hiring a support system, selling your ideas to investors, and building your business.

Joe Gelb, CPA, attorney specializing in small business development and CEO of Small Business Advisors, Inc. Joe is the Publisher of the internationally recognized Small Business AdvisorĀ® newsletter. For more cutting informative business builders, visit http://www.smallbusinessadvice.com/

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