How to Create Legible Content for Increased Conversion

When it comes to attracting a huge traffic to a website, the two things that matter the most are graphics and content. Where the graphics should be appealing and out of the box, the content should be outstanding too.

It is easy to create content and get it published waiting for the traffic to come to the website. But, what is actually needed to be done is creation of a valuable content. Since, the content by itself cannot make the readers engaged with a website. What matters the most to convert visitors into paid clients is the value of content to make visitors read it and visit the website again. However, this is toughest task, since it's not easy to write content with such perfection that the reader reads the same, share it and later, even discusses about it. But, at the same time, it is essential too.

It is a must for an entrepreneur to realize an increased conversion rate, which is a term given to the visits that do not just include going through or navigate a website, but acting beyond the same. This is generally witnessed after requests from advertisers or may be content creators. For higher conversion rates, one needs to take care of content marketing. And most of the people realize failure of their blog or website due to the same.

So, it is very much clear that you need to focus on what you are writing and if it is being marketed properly. Well, but the question that now arises is "how"? And let me tell you, it's not child's play, but it's still simple. If you pay attention to what you like to read on others' blogs or websites or magazines, you will be able to judge what your readers want.

Remember, the last time you browsed a magazine or website and skipped a page. Why?

While fast-browsing a book or anything-related, you go through the headlines given to different topics. If they fail to attract you, you skip it and move on to the next page or article. This is what will/may happen to your visitors as well. Before they could move on to the inside content, the headline created by you should be catchy enough. If you fail to do so along with an intro that tells the story in brief, no one would like to read it further (no matter how hard it was or how good the content therein).

Let me give you a few tips to make your headline compelling and engaging.

  • First of all, use List-oriented or "How to" kinds of headlines. These gather the most traffic as these are the most searched items.
  • Make it crisp and small to ensure it is interesting as well as a way to get read the content ahead.
  • Rather than a detail-oriented headline, keep it fact-oriented. Facts are more looked for.
  • Focus on what people want and not what the search engines want.
  • Emotions are what connect a human to another. If it is possible, fill emotions in your headline and it will attract maximum number of readers.
  • Generate curiosity as a majority of all people are born curious to learn new things. Leaving the audience to think through the headline can be magical.

After you ensure your article has an appropriate headline/title, make your way further to legible content i.e. content that has value, information, experience, and style. Never ever forget that your content will be read by a layman as well as an expert. Make it such that the vocabulary is superb to be read by the expert, while it is simple enough to be understood by the common man.

While writing the content, do not let laziness hold you back from writing enough. Pen down your insight enough to make your website rich with content. Since, a website full of valuable content is most visited and is even preferred by leading search engines like Google and Bing.

This article has been written keeping in mind the marketing needs of business. You are welcome to come up with your suggestions, or feedback in the comment box below.

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