Spirit of Entrepreneurship – A New Perspective

Entrepreneurship, this has been my mantra in the recent past. In a recent encounter with an enthusiastic entrepreneur, I realized that this is not just a business oriented term, it is a phenomenon, a renaissance of societal development, in other words it is a spirit. It is a spirit of an individual for the personal, societal, financial development. Entrepreneurship is not just a process of starting a business venture to make money and create jobs, it is a psychology of a person. Research has proven that a person with an entrepreneurial spirit is more optimistic, result oriented and more hard working than his regular counterparts. The famous traits that contribute to the spirit of entrepreneurship are unwavering self-belief, Passion to achieve a vision, Flexibility to work around any set of resources, Innovative and risk taking capacities. These characteristics not only benefit a startup business environment but also the work environment. An employee with entrepreneurial spirit can be more productive to the company than someone with similar qualifications. Thus, it is imperative for the companies to take into account the spirit of entrepreneurship in hiring process for the future productivity and development of the company.

Here are ten reasons why you should hire a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit. He/She can

1. Create a positive energy around the team, motivating the team to work and influence the co-workers to enjoy what they do.

2. Plan every aspect and detail of the work well in advance and effectively segment the work among the members of the team.

3. Effectively manage the time, money and resources wisely.

4. Resolve the problems and skillfully manage risks and crisis that may arise in the business operations.

5. Take initiative to think through the objectives and simultaneously deliver the results.

6. Research and evaluate any work proposal from various aspects of business, i.e. finance, sales, marketing, development and production.

7. Focus on profitability & ROI of the task/project given ensuring the positive impact on the firm's bottom line.

8. Become a shameless promoter of company to close a sales deal and at the same time can project a memorable and a positive brand image of your business.

9. Lead a team by example by being optimistic, passionate, grateful, result oriented and gregarious.

10. Take risk and not afraid of the implications of it; quickly advance from success or failure and go ahead to accomplish more results even in unfamiliar territories.

Entrepreneurial spirit is not just a business, it is more. If effectively realized, this spirit can give hope, fuel ambitions and fulfill the work environment in inspiring ways.

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