About Edward Dovner

Edward Eddie Dovner with friends, image used for blog about pageEdward Dovner, also known as Eddie Dovner, was born and raised in Massachusetts and then made the life-changing decision of moving to Florida when he was only eighteen years old. Edward worked at the Diplomat Hotel (since renamed the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa). He created solid relationships with the employees and guests and first found his love of networking in this position. Eventually, Edward moved on to work for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, which was when his entrepreneurial career really took off.

At the tender age of 21, Edward Dovner started cultivating his entrepreneurial spirit when he became an acclaimed sales agent at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. He then successfully created a niche market company within the gourmet coffee industry and sold his business for a substantial profit. In the early 90s, Edward launched another company, which he eventually grew to over $90 million in sales. After watching the market and planning well, he sold the company for a substantial profit in 2010. During this experience as an entrepreneur running his own multi-million dollar company, Edward Dovner learned invaluable lessons that assist him to this day. No matter what he's working on, he tries to use these lessons and stay true to the entrepreneurial mindset.

Over the past two decades, Edward Dovner gravitated toward the world of commercial real estate. Edward’s primary focus in commercial real estate has been with the development of single‐family house subdivisions and retail strip centers. Edward has also been focusing on the purchase of hotels, along with a few other business partners who see incredible value in this venture. Since the sale of his first successful company, the establishing and maintaining of his financial relationships has been the center of Edward’s core business. One of Edward’s great strengths is his network of financial and real estate contacts.

Picture of Edward Dovner and Karen Dovner

One of Edward Dovner’s great strengths is his network of financial and real estate contacts. Eddie values his business partners as well as the people he worked with over the years while running his various companies.  Edward knows the importance of maintaining strong relationships and making sure both parties benefit from the connection. For newer entrepreneurs, Eddie pushes the idea of networking because it can be completely life-changing. You may meet someone at a networking event who completely changes your career trajectory or gives you valuable information that significantly helps you out. Part of the reasons Edward Dovner continuously updates his various blogs and websites is in order to help educate more people on the importance of networking and various other skills you need in business. Edward believes highly in the value of sharing your knowledge once you've achieved success and he now wishes to do that with other people.

In addition to his real estate pursuits, Edward Dovner is working on a few other passions. In 2011, he created and patented an invention known as Bike in the Air and helps with bike storage. Based off of this idea, Edward is also working on a portable fitness brand that makes it easier for people to work out on the go. In addition to Bike in the Air, Edward focuses a significant portion of his attention on another business, Goodlife USA, a travel benefits company, which he runs with his business partner, Mark Seyforth.

Edward has also supported charities such as Jewish Family Services and Catholic Charities. He has three sons and over the years has coached his son’s sports teams and continues to participate in such sports as golf, skiing, and skydiving, placing maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in high esteem. Edward Dovner currently lives with his wife, Karen Dovner, in Florida.